12 dic 2010


Spedizioni Gratuite
Dal 10 Dicembre 2010 al 10 Gennaio 2011 
Chi acquista dal sito http://www.bianconigliocosmetics.com potrà usufruire delle spese di spedizione gratuite per ordini di qualsiasi importo.
Un occasione da non perdere!^_^

2 commenti:

  1. Hi :-) I just stopped by your blog by accident, but I really like it! A shame I can't understand what you are wrtiting, but good that google translate exist! what would you say for us to follow eachother on blogger?
    Bisous from DK

  2. Hi!
    I'm glad you like my blog.
    Maybe soon I will put English translations to help the foreign girls ^ _ ^
    I visited your blog and there are great photos! congratulations:)


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